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About pedal steel guitar

 You need some finger- and thumb picks to play the steel guitar

To play you also need a bar. To the left you see the almost 8-shaped Stevens bar for playing dobro- and hawaiian guitar.
To the right the "normal" Dunlop bar for pedal steel guitar. It's approx. 20 mm in diameter, 80 mm long and weight is 210g.

Play bars (Stevens and Dunlop 920)

Remington Steel S-10 steel guitar - George L´s strings

Remington Steel Guitars from Texas, USA, has an unbelievable tone and sustain (duration of sound after picking the strings)
George L´s strings is made for the hard work of push and pull that the strings meet on a pedal steel guitar.

( I'm glad I'm not a pedal steel guitar string!)

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