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My profession

I'm an "AUTOMATIKER" that is a kind of electrician that has a special training within the field of automation and electronics for the industry. I got my education from Ørsta Videregående Skole H.I. from the years 1981 to 1984. I took my final exam in 1988 working then at the largest upholstery / furniture company in Northern-Europe the J.E. Ekornes A/S - IKORNNES. I was the first in my county, Møre og Romsdal that got certified as an automatiker. The year after, I started my own business : KVENSETH ELEKTROREP. I was then repairing all kinds of electronics and controllers used for the industry. Later the same year I took the challenge to supply the Norwegian Steel guitarists with equipment and accessories. Today, I do this after ordinary working hours, mostly evenings and nights.

Please take home to your computer a full screen jpg picture, 43K, of Bill making Win-dos 95 by clicking on this one.

It's great to have an original when making "something", but the result will always be... a look-alike!

In 1991 I bought my first computer to keep tracks about invoices, addressbooks, making printed matters, catalogs and so on. From asking people that already owned a computer 9 persons suggested an IBM, 1 person recommended Apple Macintosh. I listened to that one, and there has been not a second of regret! It's a pitty that most common people doesn't get the chance to see the wonderful world of Macintosh, it's friendly "human" interface and ability to work together with computers of any platform. Once tried a Macintosh, and you'll never want any other computer! I've still got the 'ol Macintosh Classic

but I prefer my new Performa 5300, 100Mhz RISC, with all audio and video facilities. 48Mb RAM, 1.2Gb hard disk.
This was not bad for a Mac in 1995/96 when this computer was brand new.
It could, and can still run Windows programmes .

The ONLY true human user friendly interface for computers; MacOS

Because of the industry in the town of Sykkylven is very combined and varied, I've got some rich experiences concering knowledge about equipment, sollutions and the people working in the different companies. One of the companies I used to work for was AMATEC AS which (in 1994) offered me a job , and I'm working there today as an electro- technician. We are 23 people working there (1998) and is one of Norway' leading suppliers of industrial sewing machines and equipment for spreading and cutting. We also supply sollutions for Product Data Management, marking / labelling systems, holding courses and seminars for the industry that is based on making clothes and upholstery / furniture.
Do you want some more info - send me an e-mail: arild@steelgitar.net

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