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About me

Arild Kvenseth born in 1964.             (Still going strong)

I´m born and raised in the town of Sykkylven, Sunnmøre, in Møre and Romsdal county, Norway. Geographical it´s:
62 degees and 28 minutes North, 6 degees and 15 minutes East on this planet. See also scenery pictures.
Two great hobbies has fullfilled my life and made my destany. The first one is MUSIC. I started learning the guitar in 1975. I played in some pop groups and bands like: "Sykkylven Big Band", the "Audience" and the "Avanti", all situated in Sykkylven. I bought my first pedal steel guitar (DEKLEY D-10) in 1985. After one year practising every night I took the chance to play in public with a steel guitar in a band called The South Beach Boys. My playing really made progress when in 1988 I joined the country band "P.Coin Band" as the steel player there. We made our one (and only) CD - LP and Cassette in the fall of 1988. We have still some of them left if you should happen to be interested. It´s a collectors item now so to say, named P.Coin Band - "Crazy Time". We did travel and play a lot at the end of the 80´and showed up in a lot of places in Norway and Sweden like countryfestivals in Verdal, Skjåk, Vinstra, Gävle, Countrygalla in Drammen, Norwegian Championship of Country Music in Moss. We were also backing band for a lot of other artists in this period like Lillian Askeland, Bjøro Håland, Johannes Kleppevik, G.Thomas, Odd Jarle Hanssen, Karete Kristoffersen to mention some. The vocalists in P.Coin Band these years were Per Inge Rørhus, Svein Halnes and Tone Holen, one at the time of course. The following people were also members of the band for longer or shorter time of duation: Geir Nakken, Willy Thomassen, Oddgeir Hatlemark, Egil Ødegaard, Vidar Røren, Asgeir Strømmen, Frank Hatlemark, Thor Inge Lorgen. During the recording sessions of the "Crazy Time" album we did get some good sounds and voices from: Øystein Hakestad - piano, Lillian Askeland - harmony voc., Leif Atle Strand - harmony voc., Dave Clark - had Willie Nelson´ voice on the song "I don´t care", Dene O´Neill - played the drums on the song
"Dixie Road" , and he was also the producer.

After the P.Coin Band closed down in the early 90´ I decreased my playing activity. I played the steel guitar for other artists on some of their records. The most popular tune played on the radio was probably the "Ferjemann på vei" from the album "Herifrå" with Baarelaget from Ørsta / Volda. I must also mention some other albums like; Tor Rødseth: "From my heart" and "New Morning", Hundeidvik-revyen "Rett West Country Fest vol.1", Walter Johansen, Tone Holen Band, Johanne "Molly" and John Justsen "Et liv i harmoni" to mention most of them. Each and one of these projects gave me some challenge in the studio. I learned a lot, thanks! everyone. It warmed my heart a little extra that many of the tracks I played the steel guitar on became very popular on local hit-lists at NRK Møre og Romsdals "Møretoppen" in these years. It was not unusual to be number one for several weeks or as long as the songs were permitted to stay on the list. (Fantastic!)
The last band I played with was Dirty Creek Band, from Ørsta. The repertoire contained a spectre from Hank Williams' classics thru Buck Owens to the modern stuff performed by artists like Alan Jackson, George Strait and others that represent the country music of today.
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Winter   -   and   -    summer pict's from Sykkylven    
         Photo above: Arild Kvenseth  Photo above: Arild Solberg Reklamestudio

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